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Whether you are facing a cyber-attack, data breach, civil litigation, or need to leverage forensic technology to make a tough business decision, we can help. Our experienced and certified forensic team will work with you and your legal team to maneuver these treacherous waters. We can assist in the preservation, collection, and analysis of data that make up your IT infrastructure.

How can Kemper help me?

  • “We believe that we have an employee that is stealing proprietary information.” Do you need to confirm or refute an allegation of company proprietary information being stolen? We can work with you to answer this question.
  • “We need to authenticate an e-mail or document.” E-mail is still the preferred communication medium in today’s business. We can aid you in preserving, authenticating, and analyzing e-mail and documents to answer the question.
  • “Help! We’ve been hacked!” Data breaches occur daily and can be crippling to your business. We’ll be your business partner during the remediation process and work with you to determine who, what, when, where, and how the breach occurred.
  • “Our data is gone!” Just because you deleted something or can no longer see the data doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t recoverable. We’ll work with you in the recovery process.
  • “Can you recover text messages from an iPhone?” We answer this question (among others) regularly and aid our clients in recovering even deleted text messages.
  • “What is on this USB device?” Removable media and other storage devices are prevalent in the workplace. We can help you answer your questions about these devices being used or connected to your computer infrastructure.

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