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There is a cloud looming over your business’ data – did you remember your umbrella?

With the increasingly sophisticated and aggressive attacks on computer networks, it is time to view network security as a priority in your organization. You can no longer trust a simple firewall or router to protect your invaluable business assets.

Kemper Technology Consulting’s IT security professionals can recommend a comprehensive security plan that meets the precise needs of your business. Our goal is to design a solid security plan that goes beyond compliance to address your security needs – compliance is simple when your network security is locked down.

Penetration Testing

When your IT provider tells you that your network is safe from Internet threats such as hackers, malware, and phishing attacks, don’t just nod and smile – say, “Let’s prove it!” Invite our team of Certified Ethical Hackers and Offensive Security Wireless Professionals over to test your external network security.

Utilizing the latest tools and technologies, we’ll simulate a true hacking attempt on your network. We can simply test your external firewall device for vulnerabilities, or perform an all-out “white hat” attack to see how far we can get into your network infrastructure. Unlike with a malicious attack, however, you can rest assured that your data and the results of our tests will remain confidential.

IT Auditing

Do you know where your computer network’s weakest links lie? If you’ve ever shrugged and thought that your Windows computers are up-to-date “enough,” you could benefit from an IT audit.

Kemper Technology Consulting has the personnel, tools, and skill set to perform the appropriate IT audit for your organization. You can’t safely rely on automatic Windows updates to protect your valuable data on your workstations and servers – many vulnerabilities exist within the programs on your systems. Web-browsers, plug-ins, and many of your day-to-day applications can all open up the doors to external threats on the Internet.

Our team of security professionals can scan the inside of your network to show you, or your own IT team, where the vulnerabilities lie. Our extensive reports will show you exactly how secure you computers are and what you need to do to protect them.

Digital Forensics, Security, Consulting, and More

Whether you are making a tough business decision or involved in civil litigation, you need professional forensic technology services to support your business or case. Our forensic team will work closely with you and your legal team. We can assist in the preservation, collection, and analysis of data from various digital devices. Please visit www.kemperforensics.com for more information.

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