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4 Cost-cutting Areas to Help Your Business Boost Profits
When was the last time your business performed a formal expense review? This exercise can pay off by lowering costs and raising profits.
Pay Attention to the Tax Rules if You Turn a Hobby into a Business
There are a number of different hobbies that some taxpayers turn into businesses. Here’s how they can protect tax breaks on their tax returns.
Certain Small Business Owners May Qualify for Tax Breaks by Making Their Premises Accessible to People with Disabilities.
Small businesses may qualify for a credit of up to 50% off expenditures for making their premises accessible to the 61 million people in the US affected by disabilities.
IRS Extends Relief for Inherited IRAs
For the third consecutive year, the IRS has published guidance that offers some relief to taxpayers covered by the “10-year rule”.
Watch Out for “Income in Respect of a Decedent” Issues when Receiving an Inheritance
Property you inherit generally isn’t included in income for tax purposes. However, there are certain items that may have to be included. Here’s the story.
When Businesses May Want to Take a Contrary Approach with Income and Deductions
Businesses: Do you expect federal income tax rates to go up, go down or stay the same in the future? If you think your rates could go up, here are some considerations.
Nonprofits Don’t Lose as Much to Fraud, but Risk Requires Action
Does your nonprofit train staffers and other stakeholders on how to recognize and report fraud? If not, you may risk financial losses you can’t afford. We urge you to implement these internal controls.
Can a Split Annuity Strategy Help You Achieve a Balance in Retirement?
A split annuity can provide peace of mind by offering a fixed income stream during retirement while preserving your wealth for your loved ones after you’re gone.
IRS Issues Guidance on Tax Treatment of Energy Efficiency Rebates
The IRS has offered guidance regarding the tax treatment of energy efficiency rebates introduced by the Inflation Reduction Act.
Look it Up: A Glossary of Key Estate Planning Terms
There may be several estate planning terms that are foreign to you. Here’s a glossary of terms for reference.
Keep These 3 Issues in Mind After You File Your Return
Once your 2023 tax return has been filed, you can breathe a sigh of relief. But there still may be some tax issues to consider. Here are three of them.
2024 Q2 Tax Calendar: Key Deadlines for Businesses and Employers
Spring is here, along with a bunch of tax-related deadlines. Here are some upcoming dates for the second quarter of 2024 that businesses and employers should keep in mind.

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