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Year End is Gift-giving Time: Use the Annual Gift Tax Exclusion to the Max
Reduce your taxable estate by making annual gift tax exclusion gifts.
Businesses: Do You Have to Comply with the New Corporate Transparency Reporting Rules?
Certain businesses may soon have to meet new reporting requirements that take effect on January 1, 2024.
4 Ideas That May Help Reduce Your 2023 Tax Bill
Before you know it, 2024 will be here. But until then, there may still be time to reduce your 2023 federal tax liability by taking these steps.
New IRS Proposed Reliance Regulations Clarify when Employers Must Allow Long-term, Part-time (LTPT) Employees to Participate in Their 401(k) Plans.
The SECURE and SECURE 2.0 Acts changed the length of service needed before LTPT workers can participate.
Higher Interest Rates Spark Interest in Charitable Remainder Trusts
Charitable remainder trusts can be especially effective in a high-interest-rate environment, such as right now. Find out why.
IRS Delays New Reporting Rule for Online Payment Processors
For the second consecutive year, the IRS has postponed implementation of a new rule that would have led to an estimated 44 million taxpayers receiving tax forms from payment apps and online marketplaces such as Venmo and eBay.
Key 2024 Inflation-adjusted Tax Parameters for Small Businesses and Their Owners
Before you know it, 2024 will be here. The IRS recently announced inflation-adjusted amounts for next year that are relevant to small businesses.
5 Strategies to Cut Your Company’s 2023 Tax Bill
Here are five strategies to help reduce your company's tax bill, which can improve your cash flow and your bottom line.
Taxpayers Can Generally Deduct the Ordinary and Necessary Costs to Run a Business if They Can Prove Them.
Records of vehicle costs must be contemporaneous and detailed, even though they can generally be deducted.
11 Exceptions to the 10% Penalty Tax on Early IRA Withdrawals
If you need cash, you may want to tap your traditional IRA. But if you’re not yet 59½, you may have to pay a penalty tax if you do. Here are 11 exceptions to the penalty.
Help Donors Help Your Nonprofit with a Planned Gift
If your nonprofit wants to receive planned gifts, your staff and board members need to be prepared to educate potential donors when opportunities arise. Read on for some basics.
The 2024 Cost-of-living Adjustment Numbers Have Been Released: How Do They Affect Your Year-end Tax Planning?
As you implement 2023 year-end tax planning strategies, be sure to take these 2024 adjustments into account.

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